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Inbox 4 Us offer email accounts with POP3 and Web based access and since we are not linked to any ISP, you can send and receive emails from any computer or public terminal any where in the world at absolutely any time!

And with a whopping 500mb storage space per email address, free autoresponders and forwarding, our email accounts are highly sought after. What's more ... unlike other independent email providers, we place absolutely no advertising in your emails whatsoever.


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And there's more ... full virus scanning of all incoming mail, works with any POP3 mail program, set up as many email addresses as you want, 24/7 support, unlimited access, POP3 and/or web based (browser) access, Paypal Fastpay and NoChex payments accepted, 100mb storage space per email address.


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Why use our email?

Nearly every internet user has an email address and you most likely already have one – ISPs (Internet Service Providers) give you one free when you use their service to connect to the internet. Unfortunately, they limit you to only one, and finding an independent email account that will work with your ISP connection is a different issue and one which Inbox 4 Us addresses.

Once you have an email address, there will come a time when you wish you had more than one, and one which is not heavily laden with advertising – this is where Inbox 4 Us comes into play – ad-free independent POP3 email accounts with web access for any-time worldwide access through any ISP or connection.

See our article 'How Email Works' to learn more about electronic mail ...

How Email Works How Email Works

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